Emergency Back-Up Driver

ZLEDLighting offers an Emergency Back-Up Driver for use with Magnilumen Plus in emergency fixtures.

Installed with existing Magnilumen Plus Kit driver (not included).

LED Emergency Back-Up Driver

  • Wattage: 15W
  • Color Temps: 35K, 40K, 50K
  • Voltage Input: 100-277VAC
  • Battery: External Li-ion battery-11.1V/2500mAH
  • Battery Charging Time: 24 hours
  • Operating Temperature: -40-122 °F
  • Lumens: 1,620 with cover; 1,800 without cover
  • Indicator: Test and Switch Charging Indicator Light
  • Emergency Time: 1.5 hours minimum
  • Warranty: 5 years



Backup or emergency LED drivers are designed specifically for light fixtures that already need a driver to operate properly and can work with or without a Magnilumen Plus driver. These backup drivers regulate the power supplied to the LED fixture the same way normal drivers do, but they operate off of a battery instead of line voltage. Because they operate off a battery the light output isn’t as bright as the fixture normally would produce, but it will be just enough in an emergency situation.

Our emergency LED driver has a minimum emergency operation time of 90 minutes and operate LED fixtures in a wide range of wattages. If you need assistance with finding the right emergency lighting to make your commercial building up to OSHA’s guidelines, contact us to speak to one of our lighting experts.

AC Operation

When AC power is present, the LED load from the LED driver is the normal power supply, and the AC LED driver output current cannot exceed 150W.  The Emergency driver charges in a standby mode and the green LED light will remain on to indicate that it is charging.

Emergency Operation

When the AC power goes out, the emergency driver detects the AC power outage and automatically switches to the working emergency mode and stays on for a minimum of 90 minutes.  The green LED light will be off.  When the AC power is restored, the emergency driver returns to start re-charging and the green LED light comes on. Custom applications for different EM wattages are available.  Please see your local representative.


Product Num.




Dimensions (W x H x D)

7.4" x 1.5" x 1.1"

Product Num.


(W x H x D)



7.4" x 1.5" x 1.1"