Industrial Channel Retrofit Kit

Industrial Channel Retrofit Kit

Magnilumen Plus is the perfect LED retrofit solution for 4ft. and 8ft. industrial channel fixtures and vapor tights.

You can replace any single or two lamps, 4ft. or 8ft. T8, T12 or T5 with any of the above systems using the suggested kit or kits for the fixture height.

All LEDs boards are cut short of the tombstones so they can be installed in minutes.

To replace HO fluorescent tubes of 110 watts each at the above fixture heights, use kits equaling 50% of the wattage being used and increase MRK kit wattage as fixture height increases.

Link to our High Output product page.

• For T5 lamps use approximately 50% of total existing T5 wattage HO or regular.
• A completely new ballast cover with kits pre-installed are available for most 4ft. and 8ft. fixtures, to give the channel fixture a new look.
New industrial channel fixtures with unique lighting features to spread the light both downward and side to side is available.
• For vapor tight fixtures that are 4ft. and 8ft., use above specs while always removing the Magnilumen Plus diffusers.
• Please consult your sales rep or inside ZLEDLighting/Magnilumen Plus support team for any application questions.
Diffusers reduce lumens by 15% (easily removed or clear is an option). 150lm/W without diffuser and 135lm/W with diffuser.

How It’s Done

8-12ft. Height Replacement – Suggested Quantity
• 1-MRK2430-XXK – 4,500 – 4,800 lumens with frosted diffusers
• Total System Wattages: 30 – 32W

15ft. Height Replacement – Suggested Quantity
• 1-MRK240-XXK 6,000 lumens with frosted diffusers
• Total System Wattages: 40 – 42W

17-20ft. Height Replacement – Suggested Quantity
• 2-MRK2450-XXK 12,600 lumens remove frosted diffusers
• Total System Wattages: 70 – 75W

20-25ft. Height Replacement – Suggested Quantity
• 2-MRK244100-XXK 18,000 lumens remove frosted diffusers
• Total System Wattages: 100W

New ballast cover pans are available if you want to make your fixtures look brand new.

Thousands of happy retrofitted customers are saving money and increasing production through better lighting3