A Color Temperature Mixing Retrofit from the Creators of Magnilumen Plus!

Seeing it is truly believing it!

Color Mixing is your solution to have products look “true to color” in a showroom (Retail Store) or to create an educational or workplace environment that benefits both the students and employees.

For educators and employers, this will create a better and more productive environment for learning and doing business.

For retailers, its very simple:  you will sell more product and save energy which both result in more money in your pocket!

ZLEDLighting has added a special color temperature LED retrofit board to add to its Magnilumen product line.  Understanding that in some cases 3000K is too warm, 4000K is too cold and 3500K does not always work, ZLEDLighting has a new Magnilumen Plus board call MagniBlend.

This LED board has both 3000K and 4000K (or 3000K and 5000K) chips installed in every other color temperature pattern and has a high CRI of 90.  Once installed, you will not only save money on your energy cost, but your products will look much more appealing.

This brings together the best of both worlds.  The mixing brings out the richness of the colors while the 90 CRI adds a crispness to the colors.

Options:  3000K/4000K and 3000K/5000K

Once installed, retailers will not only save money on your energy cost, but products will look much better. This will create the “WOW” effect to the consumer’s eyes as they enter your showroom, therefore creating a better shopping environment and selling more product than your competitors!

Call ZLEDLighting to help build a custom fixture for your next retail or educational project.