A Color Temperature Mixing Retrofit from the Creators of Magnilumen Plus!

Seeing it is truly believing it!

High CRI Color Mixing (Kelvin) is your solution to have people, products and environments look “true to color” in a retail, classroom, or workplace that benefits both the shoppers, students and employees. 

ZLEDLighting has added a special high 90 CRI Kelvin blended LED retrofit board to add to its Magnilumen Plus product line. Understanding that in some cases 3000K is too warm, 4000K is too cold and 3500K does not display the color pallets in a true way, ZLEDLighting has created a new Magnilumen Plus board call MagniBlend. 

The two blends can widen the color pallets in the standard 35K or 40K environments, by mixing high 90 CRI with different kelvin temperature LED chips an in every other color temperature pattern.  Once installed, you will not only save money on your energy cost, but your people, products and environments will show true colors and become much more appealing. This brings together the best of both worlds. The mixing brings out the full color spectrum while the 90 CRI adds a crispness to the colors.

Call ZLEDLighting and we can help you customize your next project.

Options:  3000K/4000K and 3000K/5000K