Retail Display Case Lighting

Retail Display Case Lighting

Challenges in Retail Lighting

Retail is a Fast-Paced Industry
Due to the changing demands of consumers, companies need to innovate and adapt quickly. Our products come in multiple sizes and harnesses that help overcome any display challenge.

Cost vs. Quality
All projects have budgets, so the challenge is to maintain quality while reducing the total cost of installation, maintenance, energy cost, and ownership.  Magnilumen Plus benefits these projects because it is a plug-and-play system designed for quick installation.

Retail Display Case Lighting
Integrate Magnilumen Plus into your display case lighting to delight shoppers and grow sales.  Jewelry display lighting is essential for a few reasons. 

First, it must be bright enough for customers to see the jewelry and its details clearly.  Second, it should be flattering to the jewelry and the customer.  Third, it needs to be low-maintenance and long-lasting.

With MagniBlend, you can easily add illumination to those dim and dreary cases.  These easy-to-install lighting solutions can be used just about anywhere, including under cabinets and on shelves.

Our Solutions

We have speed.
We thrive in the world of tight deadlines and we make it our mission to save you time by providing rapid quotes and on-time deliverables.

We work within your budget.
We understand the need to keep things under a specified price point and we have created an LED product line specifically designed for retail environments that is cost-effective and high-quality.

We are your partner in development.
If you have an idea, we will make your vision a reality. Our team is here to ensure you create a lasting impact on your customers.